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    But the number is again on the rise

    April 7th, 2013  |  Published in Uncategorized

    Canada Goose Outlet Take More Dangerous Routes Canada Goose Outlet

    The number of immigrants illegally crossing the southern border plummeted when Donald Trump took office. But the number is again on the rise. In response, the president plans to deploy up to 4,000 National canada goose Guard troops.

    buy canada goose jacket In West Texas, immigrant shelters are overflowing with recent arrivals and some migrants are trying more dangerous routes to evade capture. buy canada goose jacket

    canada goose coats The intake room at Annunciation House, an immigrant shelter in downtown El Paso, is packed Canada Goose Coats On Sale these days. Parents and squirming children uk canada goose sit with their travel bags. They are the aggravations of Donald Trump. canada goose coats

    Thirteen year old Leslie canada goose uk outlet Morn, with a ponytail and a Minnie Mouse shirt, says she and canada goose black friday sale her father, Daniel, left Honduras because there was so much crime, and she couldn’t attend cheap canada goose uk school anymore.

    “They threaten you and rob you,” she says. “We came here so I’d have a new opportunity to study.”

    canada goose Her journey north, and thousands like it, have canada goose store bedeviled the Trump administration, just as they did President Obama. canada goose

    cheap Canada Goose New figures show a mini surge in March a 200 percent increase in border apprehensions compared to last year. Most were families or kids traveling alone from Central America. cheap Canada Goose

    canada goose clearance sale “People have made the fundamental decision canadian goose jacket they can no longer uk canada goose outlet be in their country,” says Rubn Garcia, who has been the director of canada goose uk shop Annunciation House for 40 years. He says his shelter is receiving about 400 people a week. canada goose clearance sale

    canada goose store Garcia says so many immigrants are traveling with their children these days the smugglers tell them to. canada goose store

    Canada Goose Jackets “Bring one of your kids, because you stand a better chance of not getting locked up right off the bat,” he says, “And so that’s part of the way the smuggler presents it.” Canada Goose Jackets

    buy canada goose jacket cheap The Trump administration asserts that some immigrants know Canada Goose online the game. Canada Goose Outlet for years while their cases work their way through overloaded immigration courts. buy canada goose jacket cheap

    Canada Goose online Moreover, canada goose uk black friday Trump says immigrants buy canada goose jacket are coming to take advantage of the Deferred Action for canada goose clearance sale Childhood Arrivals program known as DACA that he tried to terminate. as children. Canada Goose online

    Chris Carlin, a public defender in the region, says that’s nonsense. “I’ve Canada Goose Online quite literally represented thousands of defendants,” he says, “I have never heard a defendant have any idea what Canada Goose Jackets DACA is. That is meaningless to them.”

    canada goose black friday sale A half canada goose coats on sale dozen Central Americans interviewed at canada goose coats Annunciation House to a person said they came here to escape thuggery and joblessness in their hometowns. canada goose black friday sale

    canada goose clearance They walked across an international bridge and surrendered. Others are taking greater risks. They’re crossing the Rio Grande and making a dangerous trek through remote mountains and desert. canada goose clearance

    canada goose deals “They’re coming in droves now,” says Brewster County Sheriff Ronny Dodson. “We’re see ‘em 2 3 groups at a time.” canada goose deals

    He says his deputies are finding young men dead and alive who have hiked 100 miles across this stark landscape. In December, Canada Goose sale they discovered the remains of a 14 year old Guatemalan boy on a ranch near buy canada goose jacket cheap Alpine.

    Canada Goose Parka “He’d been there a few days,” he says. “It was cold, the weather was cold, there wasn’t a lot of decomposing like it normally does. But, it’s not pretty.” Canada Goose Parka

    On a recent patrol along a winding gravel road near the Rio Grande, border agent Rush Carter who rode this country as a cowboy in his former life describes what jacket he sees.

    “Really rugged canada goose factory sale country, large mountains, deep canyons, lot of brush, lot of cactus, lot of rock. Very tough country canada goose clearance to walk through on foot,” he says.

    Canada Goose sale Border Patrol agents complain that too often they’re forced to spend time processing undocumented immigrants they catch. That can take an agent out of the field all day, especially if it’s a kid cheap Canada Goose that requires more attention. Canada Goose sale

    Robert Boatright, chief patrol agent in the Big Bend region, says agents are “more methodical with the children.”

    canada goose coats on sale “We’re giving welfare checks every 15 minutes on unaccompanied children, right. We’re making sure the children get fed, they may get snacks.” canada goose coats on sale

    canadian goose jacket The Border Patrol hopes the National Guard can assist Canada Goose Parka with some of these duties so that its agents can get back into the field to deal with the current surge of immigrants canadian goose jacket.

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