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    Duncan Stewart, the scientific Replica Bags Wholesale director

    June 5th, 2013  |  Published in Uncategorized

    Experts investigate stem cells to treat hockey legend Gordie Howe after stroke

    Replica Designer Handbags Did a radical stem cell treatment help Gordie Howe recover from a stroke that left him paralyzed on his right side and almost ended his life last year? Replica Designer Handbags

    A W5 documentary crew teamed up with a top Canadian scientist to find out, taking cameras inside the San Diego company that made Gordie’s Replica Designer Handbags stem cells and the Mexican clinic where he received treatment.

    Replica Bags “I think it’s an Replica Designer Handbags interesting case. I think it can have a huge impact on people’s perception of stem cell research,” says Dr. Duncan Stewart, the scientific Replica Bags Wholesale director of Regenerative Medicine at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. Replica Bags

    “I was interested to see what was actually done, what kind of stem cells were used. What really happened here,” he adds.

    Fake Designer Bags The Howe family also gave Replica Bags Wholesale the W5 team unprecedented access to their 87 year old father who is undergoing rehabilitation Designer Replica Bags in Lubbock, Texas. The family even allowed W5 to bring along an American stroke expert to assess Gordie, a man many describe as the greatest hockey player who has ever lived. Fake Designer Bags

    “This was an individual who had severe deficits after stroke and shortly after receiving a dose of stem cells had a substantial if not overnight recovery. And an opportunity to look into that a little bit more on my own is, high quality replica handbags is something I couldn’t resist, ” says Dr. Steven Cramer, a neurologist at University of California Irvine.

    wholesale replica designer handbags Gordie had a haemorrhagic stroke Oct. 26, 2014: a blood vessel burst in his brain, killing cells in the thalamus, an area of the brain Designer Fake Bags that controls motor function. wholesale replica designer handbags

    Handbags Replica He was unable to move his right arm or leg and as he worsened, doctors had nothing to offer him and only recommended palliative care, his sons Murray and Marty Howe said in an interview with W5. Handbags Replica

    With nothing to lose, they took him to the Santa Clarita clinic, run by Novastem, a company in Tijuana, Mexico to take part in an experimental stem cell study. A day after his treatment, he was up and walking.

    replica handbags china “Absolutely mind blowing. I have been doing medicine for 28 years and I have never seen Replica Handbags that in a stroke patient, especially some one going downhill like my dad was,” says replica Purse Murray, who is a radiologist in Toledo, Ohio. replica handbags china

    However Gordie’s Lazarus like recovery Handbags Replica dubbed “the miracle in Mexico” by some in the media, worries North American scientists who argued here was no proof his therapy made him get Replica Handbags better, and that hydration, even a natural rebound could be factors.

    high quality replica handbags Some even called the therapy “snake oil” using “alleged” stem cells. The Replica Handbags concern: all publicity and hype around the treatment combined with Gordie’s celebrity could encourage desperate Handbags Replica patients to travel to stem cell clinics around the world, replica Purse a practice called replica Purse “stem cell tourism”. high quality replica handbags

    By some reports there are now more than 700 clinics, mostly Wholesale Replica Bags in developing countries. Some are offering stem cell therapies to “cure” a variety of ailments, charging between $20,000 and replica Purse $50,000.

    replica handbags online But in some cases, replica Purse patients have returned with infections and other complications and with no improvement in their condition. The fear is that the Handbags Replica Howe family’s account would send desperate patients abroad. replica handbags online

    Replica Handbags “One danger is that cheap replica handbags people will jump to conclusions this is a cure. A Fake Designer Bags panacea and they will all try and book themselves the Replica Bags next flight out when they have this kind of problem to the nearest clinic that offers this service. This could be wasting money, at worst, they may not be getting a therapy that is not safe,” says Dr. Stewart. Replica Handbags

    But the Howe family says it isn’t promoting stem cell tourism and only made their story public after numerous media requests.

    “We felt we had to tell everybody because the last press release, we Replica Bags Wholesale said Mr. Hockey isn’t doing well he is back in the Fake Designer Bags hospital. We don’t know how much longer he is going to be with us,” says Murray.

    cheap replica handbags “Then suddenly he is raking and sweeping and goofing around in the back yard. And people ask ‘Why is he doing better?’ and so replica Purse we decided that at some point, we had to explain what’s going on.” cheap replica handbags

    Replica Bags Wholesale Despite the controversy, Dr. Stewart sees Gordie Howe’s story as an Wholesale Replica Bags opportunity to ignite public interest and funding for proper stem cell research. Replica Bags Wholesale

    Designer Replica Bags “We’re well positioned in Replica Bags Wholesale Canada to do this. We have a lot of expertise in this area. We discovered stem cells. So I think we’re poised to do some very important trials including the kind of Handbags Replica trial in the disease that Gordie Designer Replica Bags Howe had in stroke,” says Dr. Stewart. Designer Replica Bags

    Scientists have been excited about stem cells since the first discoveries in the field were made in Canada in 1961 by James Till and Ernest McCulloch at the Ontario Cancer Institute in Toronto.

    Fake Handbags Stem cells have the capacity to become Replica Handbags any cell in the body, including brain, blood Designer Replica Bags or cheap replica handbags skin cells. The most potent type are found in embryos, but purse replica handbags they also circulate in our blood and live in tissue like brain, fat and bone marrow and spring into action when we are injured to repair damaged cells. Fake Handbags

    replica Purse There are studies underway all over the world to see if researchers can grow stem cells and give them Replica Designer Handbags to patients to treat a vast array of illnesses that have no cure, such as diabetes, dementia, spinal cord injuries and Replica Handbags stroke. replica Purse

    KnockOff Handbags Dr. Stewart met with replica bags Stemedica’s scientists, reviewed their research and toured the company’ cheap replica handbags manufacturing site. It’s an FDA approved facility with products licenced to be sold for human research around the world. KnockOff Handbags

    The stem cells some labelled as snake oil are actually real, says Dr. Stewart.

    Designer Fake Bags “That was one of the things I was impressed about. Replica Bags The company has put a lot of effort and resources into their manufacturing procedures. And I think they’re producing a, a high KnockOff Handbags quality stem cell product. So, that part I think replica handbags china is quite strong,” he said. Designer Fake Bags

    aaa replica designer handbags The stem cells are “high quality” but how well do they work? aaa replica designer handbags

    Wholesale Replica Bags Dr. Stewart travelled with the W5 crew to Tijuana, Mexico to visit Santa Clarita. It’s a brand new clinic run by Novastem, a company licensed to use Stemedica stem cells. Wholesale Replica Bags

    purse replica handbags In aaa replica designer handbags animal studies, the neural cells migrate to the injured areas and help repair the circuits of the brain. The hope is they will do the same in humans, but the researchers do not know for sure purse replica handbags.

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