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    The evolution of all the American continent will lose nothing

    June 14th, 2013  |  Published in Uncategorized

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    canada goose store Engels, writing in The German Gazette of Brussels in 1848, greeted ”with due satisfaction, the defeat of Mexico by the United States. This too represents progress. For when a country until then perpetually embroiled in its own conflicts, perpetually torn by civil wars and with no way out for its development…. is forcibly dragged to historical progress, we have no alternative but to consider it as a step forward. In the interests of its own development, it was convenient that Mexico should fall under the tutelage of the United States. The evolution of all the American continent will lose nothing with this.” The right to intervention that the two superpowers have taken unto themselves in our time (the so called Brezhnev and Reagan doctrines) has deep historical roots in the 19th century. canada goose store

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