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    Women now hold their place of power firmly in the world

    June 25th, 2013  |  Published in Uncategorized

    One thought to keep in mind is that something better is coming your way. Believe it and you’ll see it when it arrives. As told above, I got fired because the company wanted to eliminate my salary and keep the business we had built for them over a 5 year period. Another thought for you is to know that your security belongs to you, not your employer.

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    canada goose black friday When people think of influential figures in the world cheap canada goose canada goose outlet, male names like Bill Gates, Vladamir Putin and of course President Barack Obama usually come to mind. But the world of influence and power no longer belongs exclusively to men. Women now hold their place of power firmly in the world, and they are not giving it up any time soon. This list of ten of the most influential women in the America spans the arenas of politics, acting, sports, law, music, activism and more with all the names having one thing in common, they are instantly recognizable. These fierce, independent and incredibly influential female leaders are paving the way for young girls everywhere, showing that anyone, anywhere can fulfill her highest dreams. canada goose black friday

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