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    Every other phone in the industry is moving towards it

    July 24th, 2013  |  Published in Uncategorized

    Soldiers who did a good job were worth the salt they earned.”In Rome. The soldier’s pay was originally salt and the word salary derives from it,” said Pliny the Elder, a famous Roman historian, in his book, Natural History, as he was talking about sea water.Carving from 1670 showing salt productionDoes the word ‘soldier’ come from ‘sal dare’ (to give salt)?Certain sources also claim that the word ‘soldier’ is actually taken from ‘sal dare’ in Latin, which means to give salt. However, there is no solid proof of this connection and modern research says the connection might exist because the amount paid to the soldiers could have been specifically given to buy salt, or for guarding the famous Salt Roads, or for conquering salt supplies.However, historians credit the denotation of ‘soldier’ as having come from the word ‘solidus’, meaning gold (coined by Diocletian in 301 CE), as soldiers are known to have been definitely paid in gold earlier.Importance of salt in ancient RomeSalt is essential to the survival of humans.

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