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    So it was fine, things canada goose outlet jackets progressed

    July 30th, 2013  |  Published in Uncategorized

    Introducing a NEW Series

    So I had my first sit down with Evan about a year and a canada goose uk site half ago as an instructor at his dance studio. During the meeting, he told me that he really liked me and he wanted to start some sort of business with me. So my first thought was, wow, he is so nice.And what an amazing confidence booster canada goose outlet winnipeg address for me. Then my canada goose sale uk second thought was, I don have a business plan. Oh my gosh, I don even have a business idea. I never thought about canada goose outlet becoming an entrepreneur, I don think that something I supposed to do with my life.So that where it kind of ended. I went on to continue to teach at his dance studio, but that thought always remained in the back of my mind. So it was fine, things canada goose outlet jackets progressed on. I continued canada goose outlet location to teach at his dance school. As I got to know him better and we had more sit downs, I decided that maybe I let him know about my dream. My dream is to go on stage one day and be a canada goose outlet uk fake speaker, but I have no idea how.I don know when, I don know what I going to say, canada goose outlet mississauga I have no experience, but I knew this is something I wanted to do with my life, but I just didn know how to get there. So last week, he decided to do something rather crazy. He offered me $50,000 to quit my full time job that I had been at canada goose outlet hong kong for 12 years to pursue my canada goose outlet toronto factory dream of public speaking full time.Something that was very important to me growing upAs he was mentioning this canada goose outlet miami to me, I already made up my mind. He doesn know that. I already knew that I would say yes. But of course, I canada goose jacket outlet store didn canada goose outlet edmonton want to verbally commit knowing that there so many things that could go wrong. Ever since I became an adult at 21, at 20, I always been financially secure. That something canada goose outlet in vancouver that was very important to me growing up. For me to take this leap of faith, it means that I may not be financially canada goose outlet in new york secure.I may not be able to provide a life for me and my husband canada goose outlet store uk that I always promised that I will. And that was my biggest concern. I needed to talk to my husband before I actually said anything to him. But even though I knew this is something that I wanted to do. That canada goose outlet buffalo is the only thing I ever really wanted to do in my life more than anything else. So I spoke to my husband and he was so incredibly supportive and he knew that I needed to do this.It really now or never. canada goose outlet authentic If I didn do this now, I will live and die never pursuing my canada goose jacket outlet uk dream. So I accepted his offer at midnight that day, I sent him a message, and the next day, I told my boss that I canada goose outlet eu be leaving my job, that I have been with the company for 12 years.Pursuing my dream of public speakingAnd it was really, really hard canada goose outlet orlando for me because I have been so canada goose outlet store quebec happy at my job, I love the people there, I loved my boss, she wonderful. For me to say that I going to be leaving this canada goose outlet online store review secure, wonderful job that I been canada goose womens outlet at for 12 years with all the friends I created, to tell them that I going to be doing this because I going to be pursuing my dream canada goose outlet website legit of public speaking, it was crazy, crazy for me.You see, we don have a plan. The plan is to make a plan. I taking a giant leap of faith with Evan and stepping into the unknown. But I know it going to work out. And we going to bring you on this journey. That why it called. As I learn, grow, make mistakes, have wins, you going to come with me. You going to even canada goose factory outlet toronto location sit in on my mentoring meetings with Evan.I going to need your canada goose outlet 80 off supportMy practice sessions, my confessional thoughts, and watch me conquer my dream. And I hope I see me go for it. It inspires canada goose outlet vancouver you as well. And at the very least, canada goose outlet 2015 cheer me on because I going to need your support. I going to need a shoulder to cry on when things are tough. I going to need to celebrate with you when I have my victories. This is going to be a weekly series on Evan channel where I going to film and I hope you tune in.And if you have any questions, suggestions, please leave it in the comments. I promise you I paying attention and I will take everything to heart. So stay tuned for Episode 1. Thank you so much Believe Nation. I am so incredibly excited and grateful and honored, canada goose outlet new york and I hope to see you very soon.act of kindnessentrepreneurEvan Carmichaelhappy tearshappy tears reactioninspirational speechinspirational storyinspiring speechintroducing a new seriesintroducing a new series: unlocking lilyleap of faithlilyLily MaLily Ma Torontomotivational speechmotivational storynew evan carmichael seriesnew seriesrandom act of kindnessrandom acts of kindnessspeaker Torontotake the leaptake the leap of faithtears of joy.

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