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    “Why” u say, it simpleU can save upgrade enough DE while in

    October 6th, 2013  |  Published in Uncategorized

    SgtSchnitzel u

    moncler outlet ny SgtSchnitzel 5 points submitted 2 years ago moncler outlet ny

    womens moncler jackets This makes cheap moncler coats mens me so mad. We just lost to a modding clan uk moncler sale after a tie that was broken by their.1% higher damage. What best moncler jackets makes moncler womens jackets me even more mad, is people in this thread moncler uk outlet defending these people saying that it still takes skill to “crack” the bases. You cannot argue that being able to attack a base over and over cheap moncler jackets mens again until you find a combination does not give you a significant advantage. Knowing that your strategy will result in a 3 star, because you have practiced it many times, moncler outlet sale is ridiculously unfair to someone going in without. We have recently have had a lot of our folks go to th10. I worried that it will only get worst from here. womens moncler jackets

    moncler coats for cheap My Heros are maxed as well. Upgrading to TH11 to start maxing the new Hero. The easiest way for me was to NEVER opt in wars. “Why” u say, it simpleU can save upgrade enough DE while in constant wars. To be fairly successful in wars, u need to discount moncler jackets use a combination of dark troops and dark spells. Even if u win your attacks, u moncler outlet store still have to count on the rest of your clan to win their moncler outlet attacks moncler online store so u can actually win the war and get your full loot bonus. EVEN IF U WIN that war, do the math on what u spent on DE to do both your war attacks compared to the moncler outlet prices reward u got after the win. U barely break even if cheap moncler jackets womens you moncler usa lucky. For me, I opted out moncler sale online of wars and NEVER used moncler sale outlet any DE troops for my regular attacks. Yes, it cheap moncler sale sucks because u want to play with Hog attacks or practice Go whatever strategies or LAVA whatever combinations or use dark spells, but don Stick with regular troops and spells. What worked best for me was using Archers Goblins only. They are cheap and do serious work. I know everyone laughs about Goblins but just think about it; what are u attacking for? LOOT! What do Goblins go after? LOOT! Use lightning spells moncler outlet to take out mortars or any other splash damage defenses while dropping Archers followed by Goblins. Another helpful tip is to stay down in Gold/Silver league. Screw the loot bonus. Stay low in leagues and u will be saving DE like a wild man. You have enough DE for your Hero upgrade before he/she is even done with the previous Hero upgrade. I currently a lvl 159 max TH10 just now upgrading to TH11 and down in Bronze league to save up 4 million Gold/Elix each for these moncler outlet online dumb lvl 11 walls. Anyways, this is all what worked for me. Im the only member in my clan with maxed Heros because everyone else wanted to be tough and show off in wars which is fine, but I wanted my moncler outlet woodbury Heros done. Happy clashing! moncler coats for cheap

    moncler outlet usa SgtSchnitzel 10 points submitted 2 years ago moncler outlet usa

    moncler outlet While this might work for some I would caution a lot of people from doing this. You don magically become good at attacking in war. It takes time. If you always sit out war to max your base, you will end up with high level heroes after a long time and no experience in war attacks. You will be hitting high to max level th and are expected to do well yet you have not experience to back it up. Clans will cheap moncler jackets take you in because they see your high level heroes but will quickly find out that you can hold your moncler sale weight uk moncler outlet moncler outlet.

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