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    12, according to estimates from The Southern Poverty Law

    February 16th, 2014  |  Published in Uncategorized

    A Box Of Fried Chicken Was Left On A Black Student’s Car Not Long After Trump’s Inauguration

    cheap jordans amazon Trump “campaigned on race and bigotry,” Holliday argued. “I don’t want to believe that this was racially motivated. I really hope that this is some stupid college kid making ignorant decisions. cheap jordans for sale However, I really can’t ignore the fact that there was a box of chicken and an Afro pick placed on my car in a vandalizing manner I hope this isn’t racist, cheap Air max shoes but I don’t want to ignore the fact that it could be.” cheap jordans amazon

    cheap jordan shoes online free shipping Holliday filed an official report with the university’s police department. Holliday’s report is considered a “university information report,” said Maj. David cheap jordans online Kelly, cheap yeezys since there is no indication that a crime was committed (such as damaged property or assault). cheap jordan shoes online free shipping

    cheap real jordans online This allows NCSU to further investigate the incident and determine if it should be filed as a criminal report. The university’s Bias Incident and Response Team, which reviews incidents cheap jordans shoes of Cheap jordans bias and works with the reporting person to find a resolution, is also investigating. cheap cheap jordans from china real jordans online

    cheap jordans online shopping “There’s nothing that was left at the scene such as a note or any type of cheap jordans in china hate speech, any vandalism, any property cheap jordan sneakers damage to indicate a nexus between cheap nike shoes the food left at the vehicle and any implications to Trump’s election or cheap air jordan any other issues on campus,” Kelly said. “There’s nothing that leads us to believe anything at this time.” There have cheap jordans china been no other complaints of this nature since the election, he said cheap jordans online shopping

    cheap jordans online china There were over 1,000 incidents of hate between Nov. 9 and Dec. 12, according to estimates from The Southern Poverty Law Center. At least 28 occurred in North Carolina and cheap jordans free shipping 34 percent of the crimes targeted African Americans (The SPLC aggregates reports of hate many of which are anecdotal from news articles, social media and submissions via their ReportHate intake page). cheap jordans online china

    cheap jordans for sale near me Trump told his supporters to “stop it” with the racist cheap jordans on sale attacks during his first post election interview in November. cheap jordans for sale near me

    cheap authentic jordans online Hate crimes often spike after elections domestic or international and the surge of Trump related attacks that followed the election have tapered off. But, overall, hate crimes rose by 6 percent between 2014 and 2015, according to FBI statistics. Attacks against Muslims cheap adidas jumped by 67 percent, while African Americans continued to be the most cheap jordans sale frequent victims of race based hate crimes cheap air force cheap authentic jordans online.

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