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    About ShrimpFever!

    Welcome to Shrimp Fever! This is your go to place where you can easily find your planted tanks and shrimp aquarium needs. We are dedicated in providing quality goods and shrimp to Canadians everywhere, especially locally in the GTA.

    We talked and listened to everyone agreeing that as aquatic shrimp hobbyists there wasn’t a place where you could ask questions, learn, have community support, troubleshoot, and find equipment, supplies, food and get inspiration to further their hobbies and be more involved due to the fact that shrimp keeping is such specialized and small hobby on its way to being big. It is very difficult to find a reliable source for a good variety of equipment, livestock and plants at a fair price. We had a series of intense thoughts, and concluded order for this hobby to gain popularity and for people of all ages, all locations, and all lifestyles to enjoy it we needed to create a Hub, a gathering place, a community! That would make everything easily accessible, and within a thought ShrimpFever was born! We strive to bring more popularity to the hobby so that even people who have never thought of having an aquarium before will get excited to setup one in their homes.

    We are currently in our building and growing phase in the website so please have patience with it while we are busy uploading information and adding new items to the store daily.

    What To look forward to:


    1) More Items, but this can only happen with your opinion and input! Please feel the need to email us or even call us asking for certain items you are looking for we do not carry. Without your input we cannot grow and accommodate your needs!

    2) A full forum where people can come together support each other through discussion and talk about how AWESOME this hobby is, post pictures, and videos of your aquariums and more.

    3) SF University archive where you can find extensive library of fun and informative articles on different species of shrimp plants and more, if anything is missing let us know!

    4) Picture and Video Tutorials on setting up maintaining, and troubleshooting, please let us know what you would like to see.

    5) Reviews of popular equipment and goods so you know what’s good and what isn’t worth your money.

    6) Being Green to the environment and reusing boxes and packaging we receive and collect from other sources!

    Thank you for visiting! There is always something exciting happening in the ShrimpFever! world, and new things being added so make sure to drop by again soon! If you would like to be notified when new things pop up and join our growing community, please LIKE us on our Facebook page here!


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