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    Natural Force Amino Version Blue


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    Product Description


    It is a solid food specialized for black and blue shrimp.
    The difference from normal Natural Force Amino version is carefully selected for the material used, it is blended with secret Oriental herbs, 
    kneaded firmly at the time of creation, it is aged firmly (it does not oxidize) It passes rapidly after passing through the forming machine. 

    Pursuit of shadow’s bite and nutritional value, strengthening necessary nutrients for shadow. 
    Traditional shadow food is animal, but even with pure vegetable stickiness preeminent! 
    It combines balanced combination of colored fried ingredients and nutrients to support growth to encourage healthy growth. 

    Strengthen mineral components necessary for ovarian development! 
    It activates the ovaries of the shadow which are said to be difficult to embrace. 
    Also, when young shrimp was born it is a solid hood, but preying amin premium finished and raised yield. 

    It is vegetable and digestive efficiency is improved after eating. In addition, the food left by bacteria is also easy to break 
    down and is a safe structure that minimizes contamination of water as much as possible. 

    ● Features 
    · Because the cut line is contained, it is possible to give it from a small amount 
    · Prevents molting failure due to vegetable calcium 
    · Vitamin, a mineral reinforced compound that promotes digestion and absorption 

    ● Usage 
    · Please give by dividing the amount you want to use 

    ● Ingredients Component 
    Amino Acids, Oriental, Algae, Yeast, Vitamins, Marine Minerals, Plant Extracted Calcium

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