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  • mosura shrimpton

    Mosura Shrimpton


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    Product Description

    Mosura Shrimpton is an artificial planktonic food that is suitable for all stages of a shrimp’s life and is especially beneficial to shrimp larvae. It is made up of multi-vitamins, groups of nutrients, amino acid and trace.  Shrimpton is composed mainly of  encapsulated microcapsules, it also contains spirulina, chlorella and other ingredients. The highly stable microcapsules contain 12 amino acids and 6 necessary vitamins which includes high units of Vitamin C and E.  Vitamin  C prevents  stress  in shrimps whereas Vitamin E increases cellular metabolism, which in turn improves survival rates. Spirulina and chlorella with their high levels of protein, minerals and cholorophyll, increases vitality and promote metabolism.  Shrimpton has an Unknown Growth Factor on shrimps and shrimplets and increase disease resistance in nauplius.

    Shrimpton eliminates the need to grow and harvest plankton for shrimp food, a practice which is an increasingly popular for professional shrimp keepers for making shrimplets and shrimps grow fast.

    It diminishes the need to use brackish water for the development of some species of shrimp larvae in captivity. In most cases, shrimp larvae die in captivity due to the lack of microscopic food. Shrimpton food size ranges from 8um to 200um. This is an ideal food size for all stages of a shrimp larvae’s life.

    It is an ideal food for fan/filter shrimps (Atyopsis species), Sulawesi Shrimps, Hawaiian Shrimps (Halocaridina rubra) and algae eating shrimps.

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