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  • Aqua Plants Farm Wasabi

    Aqua Plants Wasabi Farm Fulvic Acid Balls


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    Product Description

    “Do not you like to be the last-” ball aging “that comes with the Ultimate gravel?”
    I’ve realized because there was a large number of your voice and.
    It is a mature balls using natural ingredients we press into ball form
    Fulvic acid is also strengthening combination, there is strongly pH-lowering effect in and of itself as different parts of the aging ball of normal aging last-ball.

    There is also working to increase the activity of the bacteria as well as normal aging ball.
    We realized that to take advantage as it is a component in exquisite grilled and low-temperature co-fired so as not to break the difference component and unglazed normal.

    I will show an effect when I put in a water bath when I felt component of aging ball Ultimate comes with gravel has become much less.

    ● 6 pieces to 60cm water tank, four to 45cm water tank, how to use usage will be standard usage is two to 30cm water tank.

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