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    ebi tengu meal
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    Ebi Tengu Meal

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    Product Description

    EBI TENGU Meal

    Ebi Tengu Meal is a shrimp food contains overall nutrition for crustaceans, and add high quality magmeal.

    Magmeal contains much insect protein, it’s the best quality and most natural form of protein. Magmeal also contains rich traces of elements, chitin, adipose, and 18 amino acids of animal required.Easily digested and absorbed for crustaceans.
    Feeding crustaceans with Ebi Tengu Meal can improve the immune system and growth rate.

    What is Magmeal? 

    Magmeal is a sustainable protein sources for animal feed.

    The process uses flies reared on a very large scale to lay eggs on organic waste material such as food and abattoir waste. These larvae then proceed to consume the waste, are subsequently harvested and dried into Magmeal, a natural and sustainable animal feed protein.

    The conversion of waste materials normally sent for costly disposal to a high value renewable protein source for animal feed will reduce the reliance on unsustainable sources with negative environmental impacts such as fish and fish meals.

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