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    Ebita Breed Quatro 2 50g

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    Product Description

    Ebita Breed Quatro 2

    Quatro 2 is made by the concept of purely natural ingredients and chemical free additives.
    You do not need any knowledge in nutrition, as the ingredients containing dozens of natural minerals are combined with spirulina with the focus on immediate results in strengthening the body color of shrimps. In addition, it is easy to adjust the feed by breaking off smaller pieces according to how many shrimp you have in your tank.
    Because it is made with 100% vegetable raw materials, you can use it everyday.

    This feed is good for freshwater crustaceans in general, such as a golden bee shrimp, Amano Shrimp , it is even snails like Rams Horn.

    Seaweed powder, soybean powder, spirulina, dried bean curd, brewer’s yeast powder, wheat gluten meal, and minerals.

    “Quatro 2 50 gram aluminum light-shielding bag containing JAN code with zipper: 4,573,236,560,045

    Useful information for use
    ● Try to finish within 6 months to maintain freshness.
    ● Break tabs into smaller pieces of the tank does not have many shrimps.
    ● Please remove unfinished food to prevent fouling in your aquarium.
    ● Please put in a safe place away from children, choking hazard for smaller kids.
    ● Please store in a cool dark place with minimal moisture.
    ● An all natural healthy food that can be used with any freshwater crustaceans such as Bee Shrimp, or Snails, and bottom feeding fish like Corydoras, Plecos, and Ottocinclus.

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