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    snowflake shrimp food

    SnowFlake Food 30g

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    Product Description

    This food is made from soy bean husk.

    As the shells break down, it grows fungi on it and this fungi the shrimp eat also along with the soya bean husk itself!

    SnowFlake Food does not pollute the water and provide a constant source food for your shrimp whenever they need it.

    The SnowFlake Food comes in pellets form, and within seconds will swell up and break apart for every shrimp to share.

    Suitable for ages Baby to Adults!

    Also a greats vacation food as it will not pollute the water and continuously provide good bio film for the shrimp to eat!


    *note you can try to use a mesh basket or net to contain the food, however it usually gets everywhere.

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