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    Green Lace Fan Shrimp


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    Product Description

    Common Name: Green Lace Fan Shrimp, Sulawesi Fan Shrimp
    Scientific name: Atyoida Pilipes
    Wild Origin: Indo-pacific, Indonesia, Philippines, New Guinea, Samoa, Marquise Archipelago, Gambiers Archipelago, Austral Archipelago, Society Archipelago (French Polynesia)
    Maximum Size: Males: 4.5 to 5 cm
    Females: 5 to 5.5 cm

    Fan Shrimp Care:
    Tank Parameters Required:
    pH – 6 to 8
    gH – 5 to 15
    kH – 1-5
    TDS – 100-450
    Temperature – 22 to 26°C or 71.6 to 78.8 °F

    Temperament: Non aggressive
    Breeding: Hard – no known reports of successful breeding of these shrimps yet.
    Difficulty: Easy – Moderate

    Interesting Notes:

    This species spends a fair amount of time searching directly on the floor to find it’s food.

    These shrimp use their “Fans” which are essentially their hands to filter micro particles (algae, cyclops, etc.)  in the water to eat.

    Should be kept in small groups of at least 4-5 and watch them line up for food!

    *All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary due to natural variation with livestock*

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