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    macrobrachium esculentum male

    Sweet River Prawn


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    Product Description


    Common Name: Taiwanese Sweet River Prawn
    Scientific name: Macrobrachium Esculentum
    Wild Origin: North Areas of Taiwan
    Maximum Size: 8-10 cm or 3.2 – 4 inches

    Taiwanese Sweet River Prawn Care:
    Tank Parameters Required:
    pH – 6.6-7.5
    gH – 3-9
    kH – 1-5
    TDS – 100-500
    Temperature – 18-25C or 64 – 78F

    Temperament: Omnivore/Much more peaceful then your typical macrobrachium.
    Breeding: Not sure
    Difficulty: Easy – one of the hardiest shrimp we have ever imported and kept.

    Interesting Notes*

    One of the more rare and harder to come by macrobrachium in the hobby.

    The males have one big fat claws with hundreds of little hairs on it making it look like it has one really hairy arm.


    Additional Information

    Weight 1 g
    Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
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