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    Choice Shrimp Net Square


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    Product Description

    Choice net renewal!

    Pattern because it is retractable stainless steel, it is available in an aquarium with different height.
    (To pull out the water in the handle when it is reduced the net, drain the hole is empty the tip.)
    Frame part because I use stainless steel with a spring made, I will fit the glass surface of the water tank.
    In addition, the shape does not collapse even if its side.
    Removable scale It also comes with, I can see at a glance the size of the living body scooped.

    ● Product specifications and net part shape: about 4.5cm × side about 5.5cm length: □ size
    And patterns (shaft)
    Maximum length: about 44.5cm Minimum length: about 12.5cm
    Large-scale memory: 1cm small memory: 5mm

    ※ For handmade, there is the case that size is slightly different.

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