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    Benibachi Planaria Zero


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    Product Description

    The BENIBACHI Zero Planaria is able to get rids of planaria and hydra without upheaval of plants in your aquarium! Remove snails. Does not affect shrimps.

    Ingredients: Betel nut powder

    [How to Use]
    • Provide stronger aeration than usual when in use.
    • Do not over dose
    • The product should be used in a 3 days dosing cycle. If pests persist, repeat 3 days cycle with 1 week interval

    Use the follow amount per 50L water:
    - 0-24 hours 2 spoon (1g)
    - 25 to 48 hours 2 spoon (1g)
    - 49 to 72 hours a spoon (0.5g)

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