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  • Crepidomanes Auriculatum

    Asplenium Normale


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    Product Description


    Common Name:  Asplenium cf Normale
    Scientific name:  Asplenium cf Normale

    Wild Origin: Taiwan

     Asplenium Normale Care:
    Tank Parameters Required:
    pH – 6.0-7.2
    gH – 3-15
    kH – 1-5
    Temperature – 18-25C or 64 – 78F

    Temperament: Easy to attach to rocks and wood.
    Propagation: Easy – cut rhizome and tie to another piece of rock or wood. Do not bury into substrate.
    Difficulty: Easy

    CO2: Not Needed
    Fertilizers: Not Needed
    Lighting: LED, T8, T5, T5HO

    Common Misidentification Name: Crepidomanes auriculatum

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