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  • TDS800

    TDS-801 (Tests TDS, Conductivity and Temp w/ Backlight)


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    Product Description

    The most essential testing equipment for shrimp keeping.

    TDS pen will check the solvents that is dissolved into the water that is not water. Too much TDS your shrimp will have molting issues, too little TDS your shrimps will molt and cannot form a proper shell back. TDS does correlate to gH but not pH. Different remineralization products will have different gH and TDS. It is essential to know your range and keep it stable.

    TDS/Conductivity/Temp. Combo METER TDS-800 


    Test range:

    TDS: 0 ~ 4999 ppm; Conductivity (EC): 0 ~ 9999 μS/cm
    Resolution: <1000,1 ppm, ≥ 1000,10 ppm; automatic transmission.
    Test accuracy: ± 2%
    Temperature range: 0 ~ 99°C (degrees Fahrenheit for 32 ~ 212 
    °F), Auto temperature compensation from 5-50°C

            Press mode button to select different function

            Show TDS data 0-4999 ppm at accuracy ±2%

            Show temperature 0-99°C at accuracy ±3°C

            Show EC data 0-9999 µat accuracy ±2%

    1. switch button (ON.OFF / HOLD) function:
    Boot: In the shutdown mode, pressed the button, you can boot.
    Automatic shutdown: 60S-free operation after shutdown automatically.
    Manual shutdown: continue to press ON.OFF / HOLD button shutdown 3S 

    Manually lock: the larger the value of the TDS, or changes in water temperature automatically lock when reading difficult to achieve, rather than pressing the button can be locked manually reading. Lock symbol at the corresponding physical unit, said flashing. 
    2. function select button (MODE): Boot to test the water quality of the default display value of total dissolved solids ppm; by one of the function keys, indicating conductivity of water quality testing
    μs / cm value, and then a show at the temperature
    °C, and then a show Fahrenheit ° F; and then repeat the cycle showed that the above-mentioned content.
    3. CLEAR key features: Clear. Lock to clear readings. Re-testing.
    Automatic Test and lock.
    4. reading: straight into the water can be cleared automatically after the reading, according to different water quality shows that the corresponding conductivity or TDS value of μs / cm value.
     And then automatically lock, lock status reading, and its corresponding symbol flashing unit. 
    5. calibration functions: calibration in accordance with national standards. And the use of appropriate reference to international practice. Direct drinking water with reference to the international epidemic alert TDS = 40 for the use of the line. Less than 40 green backlight display for qualified drinking water, more than 40 non-purified water drinking straight. Red backlight dispaly the water is not qualified.
    6. backlight function: the use of low-power backlight for night-time dark and light areas to test the use of. At the same time, the scope display also serves as the water quality. 
    7. manual adjustments: with manual adjustment for factory calibration and correction. 
    8. big-screen display: STN thin high-twisted through the entire LCD screen shows the number of four units and the corresponding physical quantities. TDS reading of 0 — 9999 scope, identifier; overflow shows Err. 
    9. supply voltage: CR2032 battery, DC3V; 350mAh.
    10. The use of environment: 0 ~ 50°C; the maximum relative humidity 95%.

    11. packing: 1pcs/pvc bag, 30pcs/inner box, 240pcs/carton. Meas.: 54.6x37x30cm G.W: 15.6kgs, N.W.: 10.56

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