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    AquaTailors X LowKeys Tadamono-deha-nai-ita Plate


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    Product Description

    This product is truly a unique and will make shrimp keeping even easier for the passionate keepers.

    It is a small ultra porous tile that absorbs Ammonia! It also further promotes stabilization of water quality.

    Water quality is improved by about 18 hours, water being a little bit clear.
    It will eliminate the smell and dirt in the water.

    ● You can use it as a filter media, or even just inside the tank.
    You can get the same effect, if you do not put it inside the filter, it will work even placed inside the aquarium.
    Only this product can also be initiated by filtration, but in combination with genuine filter is more effective.
    There is no change of pH in many adsorption filter media.

    ● Specifications Applicable water tank: 60 liters – Dimensions: 100 × 75 × 6mm
    Weight: 75g

    ● Note • This product in the use is fresh water only. It can not be used in brackish water aquarium and seawater.
    · Because I produced in a special manufacturing method, it is in the structure vulnerable to shock.
    Please be careful to damage due to strong shock such as dropping.
    Effect does not change even if you have cracked.
    – Since it is low-temperature heating treated, there is no contamination of bacteria in soil.
    · (The potion does not appear because the efficacy is adsorbed) can not be used in conjunction with fish disease medicine.
    · Please discarded as non-combustible materials after use.

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