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  • bioculture-smw300

    Bio-Culture SMW 300ml


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    Product Description

    The “Bio-Culture SMW”, a high concentration of mineral-containing liquid-cell activity solution that balanced was dissolved as a natural rock, killifish kind of saltwater fish, guppy, etc., and show the effects of the preeminent to water plants, seaweed.

    Is valid for all aquatic life regardless of the fresh water, seawater, sufficient mineral source has been filled with ultra-rich state. Bio-Culture SMW contains more than 20 kinds mineral in water state. To resolve 100% water problems almost in combination with “Bio-Culture 2000.

    How to use:

    When it is first used, is added in a row (5 times) in 5 days 10 ml to “Culture and Biotechnology SMW” for 100 liters of water freshwater.

    Thereafter, the addition of 10 ml a “Bio-Culture SMW” to 20 liters of water to fresh water when water changes or 10 ml, about once every 1-2 weeks.

    In the case of sea water, is sufficient amount of 1/2 to 3/4 of fresh water. Please be increased or decreased in accordance with circumstances, for the purpose.


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