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  • mosura tds up

    Mosura TDS Up 50g


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    Product Description

    increases TDS by restoring original set of minerals
    Net Weight: 50g

    Mosura TDS Up is formulated to increase TDS of water by restoring the minerals in water to be used in shrimp tank. It is does not increase GH (general hardness) and has slight acidic property which is highly suitable to be used in shrimp (crystal red shrimp, red bee shrimps, king kong shrimps, wine red shrimps and many other species except Sulawesi shrimp) tanks that are required to maintain in acidic water range.

    This product is highly recommended to use concurrent with Mosura Mineral Plus to restore tap water, RO water and distilled water to a desired GH and TDS level.

    To measure TDS, A TDS pen is highly recommended.

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