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  • okazu mineral powerd 100g

    Okazo Pure Mineral Powder 100g


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    Product Description

    Using the ancient sea product soil , it is powder of mineral make-up .
    Has the effect physical condition stable growth promotion, color and incubation rate improvement of tropical fish and shrimp , the activation of bacteria , such as improvement in water quality .

    ● Why use mineral powder?
    The decomposition by microorganisms long period ( and marine algae , fish and shellfish , such as plankton ) marine animals and plants buried deposited in the million years ago , It is a natural resource that was constructed porous repeat metabolism , re- synthesis .
    Its action efficacy brought about by the adsorption capacity excellent , that you are including a wide variety of minerals is characterized .

    ● How to use
    Turn on the 1 cup of fraying spoon attached . Also, please be careful not to put too much .

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