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bicom fish food

Bicom Fish Food 50g


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Product Description

An excellent soft micro pellet food made specially for nano fish and corydoras for ease of eating. Loved by all types of fish!

Using carefully selected ingredients, it is 50 g for tropical fish of “Baikom’s bait series” which has high palatability and excellent digestion. 
With convenient spoon to do bait ☆ 

~ Features ~ 
by-special production method and the viable cell agents, we further enhance the digestion and absorption. 
- Vitamins essential for maintaining health, rich in minerals. 

While observing living organisms so that no remaining food is delivered, give it in small amounts and give it in several divided doses.

~ Assurance component ~
Crude protein Crude lipid Coarse fiber Crude ash content
48.0% or more 8.0% or more 2.5% or less 15.0% or less

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