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Natural Force Baby Version – CLEARANCE

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Product Description

“Wasabi” original food that uses natural ingredients, traditional Chinese medicine, etc., excels in digestion and absorption, raises the activity of shrimp, and explores the explosive nutritional value and nutritional value 
A food series made to give the power of nature to the shrimp which keeps nature’s vitality. 

Powder hood type which does not pollute water easy for eating young shrimp and easily decomposed into bacteria. 
It is a new type of juvenile shrimp feed used for melting. 
The growth rate of the juvenile shrimp and shrimp which is not much movement such as shrimp are also activated to activate shrimp. 
Of course, it can also be used for Bishulim, it is safe and it is difficult to pollute the water and the remaining food is also easily broken down into bacteria. 
As a matter of course, “Aqua Plants Farm Wasabi” is committed to natural ingredients, so it is a 
product that you can use with confidence for those who are using it for the first time 

● Features 
· Enhance survival rate of juvenile shrimp with natural ingredients and traditional Chinese medicine 
· Feeding spreads to all juveniles without contaminating water with powder type adoption 
· Effective growth of juvenile shrimp with digestion absorption, prevention of molting failure Raise rate 
· It is effective for black shadow and black diamond which is not much movement 

● How to use 
Dissolve about 1 cup of ear from a 60 cm water tank in water, and give it as a syringe or put it in a direct aquarium.

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