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BioMax Series #3


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Product Description

A simple daily feed that comes in 3 different sizes #1, #2, and #3.

#1 designed to baby shrimp contains valuable nutrients in order to improve survival rates.
#2 designed to juvenile shrimps with suitable particle size.
#3 designed to adult shrimps offers selected nutrients with breeding promotion.

This food also contributes to 5 important points of a shrimp’s life.

1. Nutritional balance
2. Enhancement of coloration
3. Reliable supplement of fresh foods
4. Will not foul water quality
5. Helps induce moulting

Product Information:


Ingredients: Krill meal, Fish meal, squid liver powder, Mussel meal, Liver meal, Brewer yeast, Spirulina, Wheat Flour, Seaweed powder, Pearl powder, Astaxanthin, Beta-Glucan, Vitamins and trace minerals.

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